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S.T.E.A.M. SESSIONS ARE BACK for 2018-2019!

Welcome back to another year of exploration, creativity and learning fun! We are excited to announce our up and coming Maker-Ed sessions for grade 4-7’s beginning on Friday September 28th in the Learning Commons at Heritage Christian School in Kelowna.

Here is the line up of S.T.E.A.M. events happening this year:

  • September 28th 2018 9am-11am :             Birds, Leaves and Trees!
  • October 26th 2018 9am-11am:                   Pumpkins and Planks!
  • November 23rd 2018 9am -11am:             K’Nex Simple machines
  • December 14th 2018 9am-11am:               Christmas theme S.T.E.A.M !
  • January 18th 2019 9am-11am:                   Little Bits
  • February 15th 2019 9am- 11am:                Homopolar Motors!
  • March 15th 2019 9am-11am:                     Spring Time Paper Arts and Poetry!
  • April 12th 2019 9am-11am:                        Edison Robots
  • May 17th 2019 9am-11am:                          Balloon Rocket Racers!
  • Jume 7th 2019 9am-11am:                          Dash Robots

These Maker-Ed sessions are open to enrolled HCOS students from grade 4-7’s. They are held in Kelowna at Heritage Christian School in the campus Learning Commons from 9am-11am once a month on a Friday morning. Other online school students are welcome to register and the cost is $5 per student. To register for any of the sessions please email Justine Dehod at  as there limited spots. If you have any other queries please don’t hesitate to email.

We look forward to meeting you soon!




I just received an email from the Tynker subscription staff talking about a new course called “Augmented Reality”.  That was a puzzler–what in the world is it?  However, as I read down my screen, I was most interested to see what they are now offering our students!

Augmented Reality photo

They described it this way, “Augmented Reality is a new way to extend coding beyond the screen. In this introductory course, your students will discover how to use the webcam in their computer or iPad to build interactive experiences that blend the real and virtual world. They will be able to physically stand in front of the camera and participate in the games they build by waving their hands or dancing, rather than just watching a screen.”  Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

The first lesson explains, “The core idea of augmented reality is ‘combining virtual assets with a camera feed’.”

Topics Covered:  Camera control, taking pictures, special visual effects, detecting motion, hand gestures, masking, and AR game design.

Requirements for this course:  Online courses require an iPad, desktop computer, laptop computer, Chromebook, or Netbook with Internet connection, a webcam and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Internet Explorer (10+) browser. No downloads required.

Recommended age:  7+

Prerequisites for this course:  None.

To sign up: Go to our school’s registration form:  Tynker Registration

When can my student start:  Right away–just fill in your information at the registration form above.

But I have questions!:  Email and ask Beth Johnson

Augmented Reality photo_002

OverDrive is back up and running!

Good morning learning commons patrons!

We are very pleased to report that OverDrive eBook library is back up and running.

The log in process has changed.  You may now log in using your Encom Username, with the same process as you would for accessing Encom.

Your subscriptions are still available via the “Curriculum Resources” tab in Encom.

Our physical commons and search portal will go live on August 15th, with the booking module open for bookings.

If you are a new patron you will receive your passwords when you enrol with our school.  The system takes about 24 hours to automate and authenticate your details.

Thank you for your patience as we make this move.  Feel free to ask me questions.

Have a wonderful summer reading on OverDrive!


Pippa Davies

Learning Commons Director

HCOS Learning Commons



OverDrive Access

Dear Families,

The Learning Commons is moving to a new library platform which will be easier for you to navigate! As we migrate over, there will be no access to Overdrive for the next week or so. Once completed, the username and passwords will be the same as those used for Encom.

The physical learning commons is now closed until we finish the migration to the new library system.  We expect to reopen in August, possibly earlier, at which time you will be able to book items for the year.

New patrons will receive their account information in August.

We will announce the grand opening of the new Learning Commons Search Portal and Website in August.

We thank you for your patience.  Have a wonderful summer!

Your Learning Commons Team

How Do I Use Matific?

We had a most interesting and informative webinar with the Matific representative last week.  If you are interested in learning how to use the site (parents or teachers), here is the link to a Vimeo version of it:

Matific Sample Activities

Winners!! Poetry Contest – Spring 2018


Winner by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

And the winners are…

Grade 1-7:

1st: Esther Lawe – The Mind Blowing Grace

2nd: Daniel Kaiser – Grace

3rd: Hannah Allsop – God’s Grace

Honorable Mentions:

Silas Bastian –  I gave you Grace

Erika Hupp – Spring is Here

Grade 8-12

1st: Lydia Doerschlag – Redeemed

2nd: Elaina Loewen – Forever You Are Mine

3rd: William Ngenda – Need

Honorable Mentions:

Acacia Mitchell – Sunset

Aven Duncan – Trash to Treasured

Thank you to everyone who entered and a very special thanks to Roberta MacDonald for judging! Good job everyone!

Exciting Changes in Subscriptions

Wait till you see what is ahead for you in our subscriptions for 2018-19!

  • The first and biggest change is that we have purchased Matific for K-6 Math to replace IXL Math.  You may continue to use the Matific logins that you used during the trial in April.  Parents who would like to sign up their students in Matific may now do so, which gives them the option to assign lessons, as well.  If you have questions, please email me and I will be glad to help you.
  • Secondly, we listened and Mystery Science helped.  Teachers, when you send the “student link” to your families for the Mystery Science mysteries, the information they receive will now include the helps needed:  materials, process, a video to show what to do, etc.   Look at the top right-hand side of the page for “Student link” (NOT the “email to parents” link).  E.g.

Student Link in MS

  • Lastly, we have news about our Curriculum Pathways subscription.  This site now offers students the option to sign up for their own FREE account, which allows them to save their work.  Teachers can have access to the answer keys, as well.  There are many, many great resources in this site:

SAS Subject List

For more information, please go to Welcome to Curriculum Pathways and sign up for your FREE student or teacher account.

I was interested to see that Curriculum Pathways Read Aloud for iPad allows students, teachers or parents to record their reading, highlighting the words being read, and then share it.  This has been a felt need with our teachers for a while!

Marvelous Maker Motivators!


HCOS students STEAM ahead!

It has been a jammed packed Maker- Ed time this year so far in the Heritage School Learning Commons. We have been able to accommodate between 10 – 20 students in the sessions and have a registered list of 31 students from grades 3-6, which is brilliant! It has been so encouraging and exciting to see the students engaged and excited about learning through many of the hands-on activities offered with the STEAM education in mind. If some of you do not know what STEAM is all about, it is teaching using various Maker-Ed resources covering subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. This year we were  able to introduce coding using Lego Wedo, Scratch , Blockly and Ezrobot which have been great additions to our resource library!

Lego mazes and coding.

It hasn’t always just been technology! The students have also had fun with craft sticks, pom poms and elastic bands. Researching how to build there own catapults!

Christmas Cain’s Cardboard Arcade Challenge.

Animation with Lego, mixed media and imotion.

Makey Makey and Lunch box conductors! Making music with electrical currents , vegetables and fruit.

Tunnel Books- for the love of the classics!We read the wonderful book by Oliver Jeffers, ” A Child of Books” to inspire the students to plan, design and create their own tunnel books using their imagination!

 Meet JD the ezrobot!

We talked about robot safety, servos , coding and programing. The students had lots of fun using blockly to program JD robot to dance, talk and exercise! JD was very accommodating and obedient!


We have two  maker sessions remaining this term. Google cardboard ( where the students will need to bring a smart phone) on Thursday May 24th and Chatterpix and self portraits on Thursday June 7th. If either of these appeal to your students don’t hesitate to email Justine Dehod at to register your grade3-6 students or if you have any questions about Maker-Ed.

Looking forward to the future of Maker-Education at Heritage!

Discovery Education: Top 5 Things to Know

Interactive Learning Courses available

Interactive learning courses share tips, tricks, and practical integration strategies for using digital resources and maximizing your experience with Discovery Education. Whether you are new to Discovery Education or have been using it for years, the interactive learning courses offer opportunities to maximize Discovery Education with your students.

To access these Interactive Learning Courses, you will need to join the DEN (Discovery Educator Network) Online Community–it’s easy to do, just go to this link:

The course we would recommend for our teachers is “Top 5 Things to Know about Discovery Education” and these are the links with dates available:


You can view this training after May by going to the DEN archives.  For parents who would like to be part of this training, please sign up for a Discovery Education parent account (the same as our teacher accounts) at this link:

Spring Contests: Winners and More Fun

This spring the HCS Learning Commons & NING held some contests and our Talented Students showcased their skills.

#STEAM – A Project Based Learning Contest!
First Place: Jack Wilke – The Pop Machine
Second Place: Aven Duncan – My Quilt
Third Place: Emma Wiebe – My Project (dress)

Talent Show!!!! Spring 2018
First Place: Tiara Ilic – Forget the boy (last submission)
Second Place: Joshua Michael Wlodarczyk – Afterimages – Original Song)
Third Place: Avery Spark – My Favorite Things


Congratulations to our winners!! Thank you to everyone that entered and to those that judged! 

More fun: We still have one contest open. The Poetry Contest will run until the end of May and be judged the first week of June. The theme is Grace and it is open to HCOS students of all grades. If you or your students are interested please log into NING or email Erin Duncan ( for more information!

BC-CHEC Learning Commons Session

Here is our Learning Commons presentation from our BC-CHEC session.
BCCHEC Learning Commons Digital Resources – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

OverDrive eLibrary Back Online

Dear Learning Commons patrons,

We’re happy to report that OverDrive eLibrary is working again.   We apologize for any inconvenience and happy reading!


Your Learning Commons Team



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